The Most Powerful Digital Marketing Action Plan

Includes 9+ Vital Metrics ( With Inside Data That Google & Facebook DOES NOT Want You To Know Unless You Spend Thousands Of Dollars Advertising With Them).


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The 48 Hrs Digital Marketing Strategy


Dear Friend,

On May 6th, 1965, something incredible happened…

For decades and decades prior to that date, humans believed that it was physically impossible to Break the Four-Minute Mile.

But on that day, May 6th, 1965, Roger Bannister did it.

Here’s What’s Interesting…

For decades and centuries prior to that, nobody believed it was possible. But as soon as Roger Bannister did it, people thought it was possible.

On May 13th, 2015, A Small Team quit their high paying job from a Fortune company. Their goal was to build a Data-Driven Digital Marketing Model that can super boost revenues for small businesses. 

We decided to build a simple digital marketing plan which business owners can easily copy paste to boost sales. Without having to understand the complexities with google & Facebook algorithms .

We hired the best in industry Digital Marketers, Google Certified Adwords Experts & Highly Professional Team Of SEO experts.

On Aug 15th, 2017, We built an AI-driven model. We integrated it with Facebook™ API, Google™ consoles and processed millions of footprint data to build a sustainable marketing model.

But the success rate was far less than what we expected. This was challenging because every industry was different and the sales pipeline, Conversion path was different. Except a few things which were common in all.

We wanted to build a 100% foolproof strategy that any business can replicate in 48 hours. We combined the intelligent marketing tools and then added the knowledgeable of our Digital Marketing Experts. This built up the vital audience insights & strategies that can change any business to grow 10X.

Finally, On Dec 2018, We broke even. We were able to build a Digital Marketing strategy that turned out to be the most powerful Digital Marketing Action Plan. It worked for hundreds of different industries and thousands of businesses to grow 10X. The best part of this action plan is its simple as copy-pasting stuffs. 

This Powerful action plan includes data that most of the complicated tools offer without paying any subscription fees.

Moz charges you $599 a month, SEMrush about $400, Ahrefs somewhere $999. To use tools from Facebook™ and Google you require a bunch full of expertise. Combining everything, You end up around $2000 only for the tools.

What if you get everything you need to grow your business ? This powerful digital marketing strategy includes everything you need to grow your sales . This Simple Strategy is derived from successful footprints from your competitors, their ad history, their organic positions, and industry insights.

Yes, For a limited time from now, We are offering this powerful Digital Marketing action plan for small business owners.

Remember each action plan is designed by google certified experts. We will take up to 3 business days to build your action plan.

Get This Powerful Marketing Action Plan

This 48 Hrs Action Plan Includes Most Powerful Strategy & Data that you can simply copy paste To Implement in 48 Hours! The Action plan Includes…

  • Detailed Marketing Action Plan For Organic & Paid Marketing
  • Google Ads Strategy Action plan
  • Youtube Ads Strategy Action plan
  • Facebook™ Ads Strategy Action Plan
  • Organic SEO Ranking Action Plan​
  • Social Media Marketing Action Plan​
  • Detailed Keyword Analysis Report​
  • Detailed Organic Competitor Report​
  • Detailed Advertising Competitor Report​
  • Detailed Competitor Strategy Analysis Report​

There Isn’t A Single Digital Marketing Agency That Promises To Bring You Results In 48 Hours! Digital Marketing Industry Is Highly Competitive & You Cannot Succeed Till You Have Experience + Market Data + Skillsets!

With Our 48 Hours Commitment, We Challenge To Break The Equilibrium To Make You Successful With The Most Promising Digital Marketing Techniques. We have Worked across different industries And Have Proven Strategies that Can Literally Bring Sales / Leads To Any Business. Our Results Are Through Conversion Rate Optimization, Landing Page Strategy, High Converting Sales Funnel development, Social Media Management Google Ads / Adwords And Facebook Advertising.

“Spending more money on ads is not really the right answer. The goal, in my opinion, is to spend more money in more intelligent fashion. By leveraging the Digital Marketing footprints you already have, it gets a lot easier to increase conversions. Thanks for making this possible in such an easy way!!”
Jurgen Ruddiger
SmartPlug Automations LLC

Our Digital Marketing & Branding Services

Lead Generation

Start Generating Leads / Enquiries To Your Business With Our Unique Digital Marketing Formula For Lead Generation. It is Combined With Lead Generation Funnel +Keyword Strategy + Conversion Optimized Google Ads Setup & Facebook Advertising.

Google Ads / Adwords

Build Highly Compelling Search and Display Ads With Our Team Of Google Certified Adwords Experts. Find The Winning Keywords For Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads Along With A Conversion Funnels Powered With Remarketing.

E-Commerce Marketing

Build Highly Compelling Search and Display Ads With Our Team Of Google Certified Adwords Experts. Find The Winning Keywords For Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads Along With A Conversion Funnels Powered With Remarketing.

Sales Funnel Development

Build High Converting Sales Funnel With Conversion Rate Optimization. We develop landing pages crafted to drive more sales/ leads with proven strategies to build landing pages/ Sales Pages.

Facebook™ Ad Management

Drive more sales and leads with our certified facebook ad Management experts. We help You Right from creating facebook ad strategy to developing ad sets, audience, retargetting, video/ image graphics ads & so on.

Digital Branding

We have a proven experience working with fortune companies. We have helped companies to build strong brand awareness and fan base using high compelling branding & Awareness Digital Marketing Strategies.

Social Media Management

We help you build your audience on social media by posting unique content. We help you derive a social marketing plan to help boost your social engagements.

Instagram Marketing

We have managed over 1500+ Instagram accounts of global celebrities and helped then drive more than 1 Million instagram followers through 100% Organic Marketing.

Local Business Marketing

We help business succeed on local search y optimising google my business & google maps. We help companies succeed through unique local business marketing strategy experts in Mysore. 

Just gave a try for the 48 Hours Digital Marketing Strategy By Busyorders. We were ble to see 3X more sale's on our shopify store.
Abella Voilet
web732 Digital Marketing Strategy was able to drive us 1 Million+ In Revenue. Our startup was bootstrapped & now we are in process of acquisition by a large player in our industry.
Nancy Stewart

The Most Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy In Market

Traffic Generation

We send a steady stream of highly qualified customers in “hunt mode” to your website through both paid and organic traffic sources.

Conversion Optimisation

We increase the percentage of visitors that turn into buyers by implementing conversion optimisations. This help our client’s double or even triple their sales.

Nurture & Retarget

The visitors that don’t convert will be retargeted & Nurtured through timely and compelling ads that will follow them around the Internet.

Learn How Our Strategy Can Grow Your Sales In Under 48 Hours

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Powerful Digital Marketing ACTION PLAN

10X More Powerful Strategies With Sales Funnels, Social Media Marketing & Google Ads

Learn About Our Strategies With Sales Funnel Development, Social Media Marketing and Google Adwords / Google Ads Optimisations That Can Start Bringing You Sales In Under 48 Hours!


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Digital Marketing Action Plan Is A 48 Hrs Implementation Plan That Has Helped Thousands Of Business To Grow. our approach Get Vital Footprints & Data Customized for each business For organic and Paid Digital Marketing.

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